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Accepted for Publication

新学術領域「宇宙に生きる」にサポート頂いた研究が、「Physiology & Behavior」にアクセプトされました。内容的に異分野への挑戦で、所属研究機関の移動時期にも重なり大変でしたが、なんとか形になりそうです。最近はrevise過程でのreviewerとのコミュニケーションから、次の方向性が明確に定まってくることが多いのですが、今回も貴重なご示唆を頂きました。自分もそんな論文査読を、毎回できるようにすべきと思いました。 

Research supported by the Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research on Innovative Areas "Living in Space" has been accepted for publication in "Physiology & Behavior". It was a challenge for me to a different field in terms of content, and it was difficult because of the time when my research institution moved, but now it will be published. Recently, communication with the reviewer during the revise process often clearly determines the next direction of my research, and I received valuable suggestions this time as well. I think I also should do such peer review every time as a reviewer and an editor.




Akasaka moon

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