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Actively working from Heisei to Reiwa

10連休中ですが、研究エリアの人の出入りは、 平日よりも多いような気がします。服装もカジュアルで済むし、論文も集中して書けます。かなり快適です。ラウンジには勉強している学生もいますが、この光景は一年目から変わりません。大学の隣のショッピングモールには家族連れが多く、こちらは連休の雰囲気が感じられます。

During these 10 consecutive holidays, researchers in the basic medicine labs seem to be more in and out than on weekdays. You can wear casual clothes and write manuscript intensively, which is quite comfortable. Some students are studying in the lounge, which could be seen since the first year of this school of medicine. There are many families in the shopping mall next to the university, where you can feel the atmosphere of consecutive holidays. 




Akasaka moon

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